Upgraded User Interface Coming Soon!

We are rolling out a new and improved user interface. While there are many new features, the basic structure of the UI is identical to what you are accustomed to. So, dont be concerned if you log in one day and things look a little different. You and your students will find it all very familiar!

When will the new UI be released?

We plan to release the new UI during the weekend of November 12.

What's New?

A lot! But don't worry, most of the changes are cosmetic. You and your students will immediately know your way around. Some of the new features are detailed below.

A Guided Tour

The new interface features an interactive “tour” that walks teachers and students through the app with step-by-step explanations. Simply click the blue “Take a Tour” button on the start page to get started.



WhiteBox Nationals: Clearer and More Colorful

WhiteBox Nationals (Game Mode) has been given a facelift to be more colorful, engaging, and easier for students to understand.



Improved Competition Page

A redesigned competition page makes it easier to find and select designs to compete with. Simply click on the buttons next to each design to choose contenders.


Improved Engineering Logs

Redesigned logs make it easier to see and compare progress for your designs.


It’s easy to compare the progress of different concepts for the same specification on the same chart.


Research: Easy Access to Tutorials

Never miss a tutorial again! Interactive tutorials now show up bolded in the Research sidebar. Click the button to go back to a tutorial at any time. As always, tutorials are also available in the Help menu.


And More!

The new application features plenty more quality-of-life improvements across the board, in the Journal, File Manager, and more.

Other Upgrades

Finally, while it is still the WhiteBox Learning you know and love, the technologies powering the 3D modeling capabilities have been given major technical upgrades behind-the-scenes – ensuring we’re in the best place to continue supporting and improving the application.



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