Say Goodbye to the Old Rover 2.0 UI

Update Jan 4th, 2017: We have now switched everyone over to the new Rover 2.0 WebGL user interface.  Please note that you must use a WebGL capable browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10), or Safari.  Internet Explorer is not supported for this application.

About a month ago, we released Rover 2.0 in our new WebGL interface, meaning you can use the application without installing the Unity Web Player plugin. To accommodate any teachers that may have been in the midst of using the Rover application, we released the new application on an "opt in" basis. Since the holiday break is a natural "turning over" period for most schools and that the new application will have been available for over a month, we will change the default setting for all teachers to the new user interface (UI). If this presents unforeseen problems, we may be able to provide temporary access to the old UI.


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