Clever Integration F.A.Q.

Does your district use Clever? Here are some frequently asked questions about our Clever integration. If you are interested in Clever or are having problems with the integration, check here first. 

Q: Can you help our district set up the Clever integration?
A: Clever integration with WhiteBox Learning is set up at the teacher level, not district level. To set it up, teachers should use the "Log in with Clever" button on WBL's login page to log in with their Clever account. On the first login through Clever, the website will prompt them to select classrooms to import. It will automatically keep these classrooms in sync on subsequent logins. No additional setup steps are needed.

Q: I'm having problems importing classrooms from Clever. -or- I imported classrooms but don't see my students in them.
A: This can happen when the sync is only partially complete. The sync will not complete until an action ("Import" or "Ignore") is selected for every classroom. Make sure you are selecting the "Ignore" button for any classrooms you do not wish to import. In most cases, this resolves the problem.

Q: I logged in via Clever, but I see the wrong classrooms or students in my roster.
A: Are you still using the same WhiteBox account as in previous semesters? If you have a new WhiteBox or Clever account, they may be linked to an older account from a previous semester that wouldn't have the new semester's classroom data. If you think this may be the case, contact support for help clarifying and resolving the issue.

Q: I have got new students in my class, how can I update WhiteBox classes with the new students?
A: Log out of your teacher account, and then log back in using the "Log in with Clever" button on the WhiteBox website. This will trigger WhiteBox to re-sync your classrooms with your updated Clever roster. Note: You must log in through the button on the WhiteBox Learning website for the sync to work - do NOT use the button from the app in Clever library.

Q: Every time I try to import classrooms, it says that I've exceeded the maximum number of students.
A: This is because the number of students Clever is trying to import exceeds the number of student IDs allowed by your WhiteBox subscription. To fix this, contact Sales to increase the number of student IDs allowed by your subscription.

Q: I logged in via Clever but I don't see any option to sync.
A: This may happen if you are logging by launching the WhiteBox Learning app inside of Clever library. To trigger the sync, you must log in via the WhiteBox Learning website instead. Go to the login page ( and use the "Log in with Clever" button (in the top right corner, above the student app logins.)

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