New Feature: Shared Designs

With the new shared designs feature, teachers can now create designs for their students to fork. For instance, you can create example designs for students to use as a starting point for their own designs. Read on to learn how to use this new feature in your classrooms.


1. Create a student account to hold the designs

If you haven’t yet, create a student account in any classroom to act as your own student account. You can do this by going to the classroom in the TCC and clicking “Add a Student” at the bottom of the page.


2. Mark the student account as a Teacher’s Account

Click “Edit” next to the student account, and check the “Teacher’s Account” box in the settings that come up. This will allow you to share designs from this student account. Only accounts marked as belonging to teachers have this privilege.



3. Log in using this student account and create, edit, and save a new design.

You can take your time creating the design you want to be shared. If it has multiple revisions, students will be allowed to fork the most recent revision – just like if they were forking their own designs.


4. Share the design from the new “Share” menu in the File Manager.

Open the File Manager, and you should see a new Share option at the bottom of all options.


Once in the menu, click on the design you want to share, and a Share button will show up.



5. Instruct your students to find and fork your shared design. 

Now, students will be able to find your design in the Fork menu by selecting “Shared Designs” from the dropdown.


We hope you enjoy this useful new feature!

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