Teacher Control Center Upgrades as of Feb 15th, 2014

We've made some major changes to the Teacher Control Center. Most changes are "under the hood" and will not be directly visible to customers, but there are a few notable changes to mention regarding the Teacher Control Center:

  1. The "Manage" section is better organized so that you are only viewing activities and students for a particular classroom at one time.  The long list of activities for every classroom is now condensed to only show those activities for the classroom you are viewing.  This change makes it much easier to see what activities are configured for your classroom.
  2. You can "archive" an entire classroom with one click.  Archiving a classroom will disable the ability to login for all students in the class, archive designs for all applications by students in the class, and hide the class from the "Monitor" section.  This feature is especially useful when transitioning to a new semester.
  3. The charts for classroom and student progress can now be viewed on mobile devices such as the Apple iPad®.  

We hope that you'll find these changes make the Teacher Control Center more intuitive to use, but we've also included helpful notes on most pages to explain how to use the site.  We've also posted a video covering the new interface.

Finally, the "under the hood" upgrades set the stage for us to more easily bring exciting new features to the entire WhiteBox Learning experience.  

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    Blane Busby

    some of the changes are fine but some of the old ones are missing.

    I liked to be able to export the data to excel and put a zero in a missing assignment or put in grades for reading time. but I haven't been able to find this capability again.

    also often when switching between classes data disappears, your links are inconstant on updates I click a name  on the graph and get nothing I click to the side name and get something else/

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