Unity Web Player Overview

Attention: These instructions only apply if you are using Internet Explorer.  The Unity Web Player is not required for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.  We strongly recommend you use one of these browsers instead, as the plugin is being deprecated by Unity Technologies.


You must install the Unity Web Player on each computer that you want to be used for accessing WhiteBox applications.  If you are a trial or home user, the Quick Install process is probably all you need. If you are using the applications in a classroom, we recommend the Permanent Install for All Users.

Permanent Install For All Users (recommended for classrooms)

Because of the nature of classroom security and student permissions, special steps are required to successfully install the Unity Web Player on school computers.  Following these steps will ensure that the Web Player is available to all users working with the computer and should not need to be installed more than once. You will need administrative rights to proceed.

Choose from the links below for specific instructions.

Quick Install (for trial or home users)

The Quick Install process should take less than a minute and does not necessarily require that you have administrative rights (if you are in a school this may depend on your school's security settings). Note that the Quick Install process places the Web Player plugin within individual user profiles, so the Web Player will only be installed for the person that installed it in the first place. Note that if you are installing for Mac OS X, you must have administrative rights and the plugin will always be installed for all users.

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