Installing Unity Web Player for Windows Vista/7/8

Attention: These instructions only apply if you are using Internet Explorer.  The Unity Web Player is not required for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.  We strongly recommend you use one of these browsers instead, as the plugin is being deprecated by Unity Technologies.


Before you start...

These instructions are for installing the Unity Web Player in a classroom environment.  Administrative privileges are required to continue.  There are FOUR (4) STEPS to this process. Please be certain that you complete all of these steps! It is common for people to think they've completed the process after step 3 and this can result in a very frustrated classroom.


  1. Download the Unity Web Player from Unity Technologies. Select the Download link on the page to start the download process. Save the downloaded file to your Desktop, or an easy to find location. Do not RUN the application, SAVE it. 

    Download Link:

    Internet Explorer users, please note that you may be prompted to choose a location to download the file to. Choose Downloads: win7-save.jpg
  2. Open a command prompt (the next two steps do not apply to Windows 8 users - in Windows 8, simply select the Start key on your keyboard to return to the main Windows Start menu, then type "Command Prompt" and select to open the command prompt).
    1. Open Start Menu by clicking the Windows Start Button at the bottom left of your screen.start1.png
    2. Type "cmd" in the Search text box and press Enter.
  3. In the command prompt, type the following:
    • cd Downloads [press Enter]
    • UnityWebPlayer.exe /AllUsers [press Enter]

    or for a "silent" install:
    • cd Downloads [press Enter]
    • UnityWebPlayer.exe /S /AllUsers [press Enter]
  4. Now that the plugin is installed, you must go to the Check Requirements page to make sure that the required player files are downloaded for WhiteBox applications. 
    1. Go to the Check Requirements page.
    2. If you are asked to UPDATE the Unity Web Player, select YES.
    3. You may need to restart your web browser before logging on to WhiteBox Applications.
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