Installing Unity Web Player for Windows at Home

Attention: These instructions only apply if you are using Internet Explorer.  The Unity Web Player is not required for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.  We strongly recommend you use one of these browsers instead, as the plugin is being deprecated by Unity Technologies.


If your students wish to use WhiteBox Learning at home, they will also need to install the Unity Web Player.  However, the installation process is a bit easier on home computers than in the classroom.

It is not recommended to continue with these instructions for classroom installations.

  1. Download the Unity Web Player from Unity Technologies at the following website:
  2. Save the file to your computer in a convenient location, such as your Desktop.
  3. Run the downloaded program to start the installer.
  4. If your computer asks for permission to make changes, click Yes.
  5. Verify installation
    1. Go to the Check Requirements page and verify that the Unity Web Player is installed.
    2. You may need to restart your web browser before logging on to Whitebox Applications.


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