Enabling or Disabling the Competition

You can disable the competition for an activity to prevent students from testing designs in the simulation.  This is useful if you want to keep students in the research sections before getting too far ahead.

To change this setting, first login to the Teacher Control Center.

1) In the main menu, click Manage -> Classrooms:



2) Click the "View" button for the class you want to change:



3) Click the "Edit" button (note that this is a "split button" and you should click the word "Edit", not the arrow)



4) Check the box beside "Allow Simulation" to enable or disable the competition.  Don't forget to save!



Your students will see this change the next time they login.  


Some teachers have asked if you can disable the Engineering section completely.  This is not possible because the tutorials in the Research workflow involve using the Engineering section to explain how to use the application.

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