Can the research content be read to students? (text to speech)

Note: A bug in Chrome (as of Chrome v.55) stops playback of text after approximately 15 seconds. Until this bug is fixed by the Chrome development team, we recommend using Firefox or another browser that supports the Speech Synthesis feature.

If your browser supports speech synthesis, most content in the Research section of our applications can be read aloud to the student.  Currently, browsers that support this feature include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and updated versions of Microsoft Edge.   

When you move the mouse over a paragraph of text that can be read aloud, a gray border will be drawn around the text block and a button with a headphones icon will be displayed in the top right corner.  Click the button to read the text.  You may want students to use headphones to avoid disrupting others.  See the screenshot below for an example:



Certain elements on the page are not able to be spoken aloud, such as math formulas and text within images.  In addition, this feature is not available in Specifications pages, Quizzes, or Build and Test pages. 

Please note that the pronunciation of words when using this feature is handled directly in the browser - no audio files are transferred from our servers.  This allows for fast playback and reduces bandwidth requirements on both your school and our network.  This also means we cannot control how a word or sentence is pronounced.  If you require more control you may be interested in various browser plugins which add text-to-speech capabilities.  We do not recommend any specific plugins but there are many available.

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