Rover 2.0 Now Available for WebGL

WhiteBox Learning is pleased to announce the availability of Rover 2.0 in our WebGL interface, meaning you can use the application without installing the Unity Web Player plugin.  Rover is the last remaining app to switch to our new universal interface.  As a reminder, you may use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge without the need for the plugin.  In fact, there will not be a plugin version of Rover 2.0, so Internet Explorer users will need to use one of the aforementioned browsers.  

At this time the new version is an opt-in choice that you can change in the Teacher Control Center on the "My Account" page.  If you are in the middle of teaching this curriculum with the old version, you may want to finish before switching to the new version.

In addition to adding WebGL support, the new version of Rover 2.0 has some other notable differences:

  • The method in which you sketch a path is slightly different in that you must start your path on the start pad.  Previously you could click anywhere on the screen to start the path.
  • Visual programming is no longer broken up by line segments - you can add programming blocks in a continuous flow, or you may wish to use different pages to logically separate code for each line segment.  It's up to you.
  • The specification now allows for a maximum amount of tolerance between the programmed path coordinates and the actual path sketched.  This can be controlled in the specification settings.
  • When testing your programming, the Rover now always starts from the start pad and follows the entire program.  Previously you would test starting from individual line segments, but this would allow for compounding errors if the path was off target.  Testing from the start obviously adds time to testing, so you can now "playback" at faster speed, up to 8x normal speed.

We recommend both new and previous users of Rover 2.0 carefully read the tutorials found in the Help menu of the application.  

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