Game Mode is Coming!


The Dragster Game Mode (now titled "WhiteBox Nationals") beta has concluded.  Thank you to all who participated!




Using Dragster for Your Middle School Students? We Need Your Help!

We are working on an exciting new feature called “Game Mode”. In a nutshell, using an application in Game Mode simply means that your students will automatically move through five increasingly challenging levels of competition. To move up in level, your students will need to meet or exceed level scores based on quiz results, number of design iterations, and design performance.

What’s the Benefit?

There are two primary benefits of using game mode:

  1. Research - Since level scores depend (in part) on quiz scores, students will find that they need to work through the research materials to advance. Furthermore, since higher levels require higher quiz scores, students will recognize that they will benefit from a more intense focus on research.
  2. Motivation - When students only compete locally, the same students often dominate the leader board (this is particularly true in larger districts). We believe this can be demotivating for both the students that make the leader board (they feel unchallenged) as well as those students that never make the leader board (they feel defeated). Game mode will provide incentives for all students.
    • More advanced students will automatically move into new competitions against similarly accomplished students from other districts, states, and even internationally. Level 5 competitions will consist of highly accomplished students from all over the world.
    • When students advance, they are removed from previous level competitions. This means that students that otherwise would not make the leader board will ultimately move into these positions. Not all students will make it to the most advanced levels, but we believe that all students will experience a greater sense of accomplishment.

How Can I Help?

We are beta testing Game Mode this fall. If you are using the Dragster application for your middle school students and would like to participate in the beta test, please email WhiteBox Support at the following:

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