Rostering Integration Now Available

Hello Teachers, as many of you are wrapping up the Spring semester we would like to inform you about our newly available rostering integration option.  If your district supports this technology, your classrooms and students can be automatically created and managed so you don't have to spend time uploading CSV files or manually adding students.  You'll still need to create activities, of course, and can always create a custom classroom for testing purposes.  

Two important requirements to consider are:

  1. All teachers in your district that will use WhiteBox Learning must have the same subscriptions.  For example, you cannot have Mr. Smith with a subscription to only Dragsters and Gliders while Ms. Apple has a subscription to Structures.
  2. Students AND Teachers will need to login using your district's own login portal, which should support "Sign In with Google".  Yes, this means students don't have to remember their student ids to login to WhiteBox Learning applications.

How does it work?  Your district will automate a nightly upload of a zip file that includes a set of CSV files defining the schools, teachers, students, and classrooms that should be set up to login to our applications.  Our system will process these files and keep your Teacher Control Center in sync.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature or have questions, please email  We recommend getting started with the integration well before the Fall semester begins.

Thank you and have a great Summer!

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