New TCC Beta Features: Real-time and Historical Views

With schools across the country choosing to use blended or fully-online instruction, we realize that - more than ever - teachers need more robust tools to track student engagement.  Today we're introducing two new tools to help.  These features are opt-in and can be enabled by editing your preferences in the My Account page of the Teacher Control Center.  Please also make sure your time zone preference is set correctly.  These two tools work great together but can also be used separately.  Note that if you enable the real-time view without the historical data, your live feed will only show events since the time you opened the real-time view.  


Real-time TCC


With Real-time TCC enabled you can see a live feed of what your students are working on, including when they log in and out, start and complete quizzes and worksheets, test designs, spend time in research, engineering, or the competition, or move to a new level in WhiteBox Nationals.  There's no need to refresh the page - just watch your students work.  When a student does not interact with the application for 5 minutes, they become idle.  We track both the total time and idle time to help approximate "time-in-class" attendance and time spent actively working.  This feature is most useful when students are expected to be working at set times of the day.


Student History

The same data that drives the real-time view can also be saved to a student's history, up to 90 days.  In the historical view, events are grouped into sessions.  A session begins when a student first logs in and ends when the student has become idle for 30 minutes.  Like the real-time view, idle time within a session is tracked along with total time.  We present this data in several formats for historical viewing:


Weekly Classroom View (also downloadable as a spreadsheet)

Shows a weekly view of cumulative total and active time for a classroom.



Student Monthly Calendar View

Shows a monthly view of a single student's activity.



Student Session Details

Shows a detailed list of events for a single student.




Additional Information

Please remember that this information is an approximation of time spent interacting with the computer.  While we can track the exact time when a student views a page or saves a design and the idle time between events, this may not fully represent a student's engagement.  For example, a student may be reading a page carefully and doing some critical thinking without interacting with the computer, or may have printed out materials to read instead of reading on the screen.  While these new tools help you track when a student has done work, our existing monitoring tools that track time on task for individual lessons, grades, and design performance charts tell a better story about how much a student is learning throughout the activity.

Finally, these time-tracking tools are considered beta, which means there may be bugs and features may change or be removed.  Please send any feedback to

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