Drone Updates

We had to make a change in the physical drone kit that accompanies the Drone application. Accordingly, we updated the application to make it possible to select and analyze a model that accurately reflects what students will be able to build. To access these components, look for a new input for Drone Type under Setup and select “Mini”.



When you select Mini, options for Propeller, Motor, and Battery will be limited to those used in the physical kit. You will also see a new component called Core that is only applicable to the mini drone.

The Mini drone also includes a sketcher that you can use to create a custom frame. Sketch a simple frame, then select “3D Model” to display the corresponding solid model.


Frame Sketcher



3D Model


If you sketch a custom frame, print templates are provided on the outputs page. The print templates are created at a 1:1 scale so you can print them out and then use the image to trace and then cut your frame from cardboard, card stock, balsa wood or any other appropriate materials.


Print Templates

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