Problems Logging In

Application Never Loads (Spinner on Gray Background) 

If you're seeing the gray background with a spinner that never seems to load (after 10-20 seconds), this is caused when the Unity Web Player is not able to load.  If you're using Chrome and have not switched to our new interface, you'll see this message, since Chrome has removed support for all plugins.  You can switch to our new interface by upgrading the application from the "My Account" tab in the Teacher Control Center.  You can also try our system requirements checker to try to determine the problem.

Message: "An activity for this application has not been set up by the teacher"

If your students are seeing this message, you need to setup activities for your class.  In addition to setting up your classrooms with students, you must also add an activity for each application that the student will use. For example, if you create a class period with an activity for Dragster 2.0 but do not set up an activity for Structures 2.0, the student would get this message when trying to login to Structures 2.0.  You can add activities in the Manage section of the Teacher Control Center.

Message: "Invalid student or group id"

This message means your login attempt failed because the student id and group id were not found.  A common mistake is to swap the two values.  The student id and group id are NOT case sensitive.

Message: "Bad credentials"

This message results from a failed attempt at the Teacher Login.  If you are a student, you should not use this login form.  Instead, click the logo for the application you want to login to to reveal the login form for that application.  If you are a teacher and are getting this message, please verify your information.  Your teacher password IS case sensitive.  If you cannot remember your password, you can use the Forgot Password form located just below the teacher login.


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